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[January 31 @ 9:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well i said i would update some stuff a few days ago /but my internet w3asnt working and than i didnt have time. and my lj cut isnt working
so here they are...






that ones my favorite!!!




another one of my favorites! i love the way the snow looks!!!!!!!!!!!


one very angry dog i can just hear him thinking "what theheck are you thinking let me in its freaking cold out here!!!" haha

poem its not anywhere close to being done i just kinda put a buncha thoughts down so i wouldnt forget them and threw em toghter i still havta fix some wording and add the end which i still havta write and somthings weird when i save the entry so theyre all bunched togther so you can figure out how it goes cause i cant seem to fix it (ill update the whole thing when im done with it)__________________________________________________________ -Follow the gravel path- -Past all the others like you- -Who cherished every single moment of life- -But somehow did not make it through- ---- -I feel a shadow follow me the way tears follow pain- -But through the fog all I can see- -Is your name engraved in stone- -Beneath the letters R.I.P.- ---- -Kneel down beside you- -With tears my eyes and a pulse racing fast- -Hold on to this single white rose- -And try to remember the past- ----- -That last day I saw you- -Walking through the door- -Into that hospital room- -With its bare walls and waxed floor- ---- -Memories flooding back- -Like a sinking ship- -Pulling me under- -With its intense- grip ---- -----and thats all i got so far love you all xoxo
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[January 29 @ 12:39pm]

[ mood | bored ]

here's some pics from awhile ago but i never posted them.

yea, that's right. we're hot.

this is jen.

i think you know who these guys are.

this is amy's butt.

and these are her boobs.

the fooseball guy.


maybe i'll post some more later...i'm too lazy right now.

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[January 29 @ 12:07pm]
wow i totally havent posted in like ever! sorry i haven been online as much!
its weird lol

but i took a few pic of when it snowed and i have a new poem ive started (it needs some work but oh well) i think theyre both pretty good so im gonna post em later tonite!

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[January 26 @ 9:27pm]

[ mood | gloomy... such a cool word. ]

YES!! WE ARE SUCH AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY... IT IS AMAZING. OOO IM SOO PROUD OF YOU ALL!!! well... me..... the only one that has really posted... haha.. has decided to post again. here is the start to a poem i am working on. hope you like it... but really its for me so i could care less.



With a simple smile,

and just one glance..

It makes me think,

maybe I have a chance?


There are people talking...

and a lot of signs are there.

but how can I tell?

Yet, oh how i do care!



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[January 3 @ 3:47pm]

[ mood | content ]

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Getting knocked up...twice.

Get your resolution here

i'm sorry. i know this is for photos and such but this just made me laugh.
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[December 29 @ 2:39pm]


the application.Collapse )

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[December 29 @ 12:41pm]

application!Collapse )

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[December 28 @ 11:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I love the three of you that joined. But, I'm sorry, that doesn't change the rules. You guys need to apply.. sorry :-/

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[December 26 @ 11:46pm]

[ mood | n/a... i just think its cute ]

my first entry in here.Collapse )

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[December 25 @ 5:10pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Okay guys, the community is up and ready for applications!


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